Tom Glover with Tottenham Hotspurs

Tom's Hardwork brings a Dream to Life

Tom's Hardwork brings a Dream to Life

Its every players dream to play in the bigtime, A-League, Bundesliga or even the Barclays Premier League. One player who has taken one step closer to living that dream is Tom Glover.

Tom has just signed a 2 year deal with EPL club Tottenham Hotspurs to be part of their Youth Acadmey and remain in England.

Tom has been with the club from the very beginning of his football, Metro league at U11 and then joining the premier league Sharks at U13. He is an intimidating sight between the sticks standing at around 6'5 and just turning 16 Tom has put the hard yards in as a player and worked extremely hard. 

While losing Tommy is a major blow for the club it is one that the Sharks take happpily as its our job to help these dreams come true. The Sharks wish him all the best and have no doubt we will be seeing more of him in the future.

We will have more updates about Tom's success and experiences in the future with some interviews and pictures as he progresses. All of our current players and members join in wishing him Good luck.