Sharks Trials for 2020


2020 Trials + Times



7 SDS- 8am

8 SDS - 9am

9 SAP - 10am

10 SAP - 11.30am

11 SAP - 1.00pm

12 SAP 2.00pm


Its a busy time of year even when the season ends and one of the some of the most popular questions that we get asked now is "when are the trials?" "Will there be positions available?" "How does it all work?"

The idea of this article is to try and address as much as we can about the upcoming trials and how it all works.

The trial dates have not been officially announced as yet but the first trials will commence at the end of October. Usually there is a process of when and who start and this usually starts with the NPL youth trials first which usually run for a couple of weeks. This is soon followed by the Skills Aquisition Program (SAP) after mid November. 

As soon as the dates are given to us we will have these posted on our website and also facebook to keep everyone informed. We always suggest to keep an eye on the sites after you register as dates or times could change if required and we would not want anyone to miss out.

So what do you do? The first thing you must do is register yourself or your child online so that we have you on our selection lists on the day with all the details we need. While you can turn up on the day it will mean that we will have to add any player on the sheets manually and can cause them to be missed so i suggest going online.

Secondly on the day you simply turn up about 20 minutes before your trial. Find the registration desk and get yourself marked as attending and get assigned your trial number. Its important to have this number and remember it as this is how we identify each player by number not name.

Your trial will commence and players will be watched by multple coaches on each field and moved around as required. At the end of each trial players will be advised of what happens next or when the next trial is. The club will generally prepare for a miniumum of 1 trial per NPYL and 2 trials for SAP. All updates team lists and information will be posted on our website as required as soon as possible. We ask that you do not call coaches, email the club asking when lists will go up or how your child did as it is very difficult to address this at this time.

SAP to SDS - With our trials we are looking for players for our SAP and SDS squads. What is the difference? how does this work?

Our SAP squads are selected and will train 3 sessions a week with a game on the weekend and will not play club football. Whereas the SDS squad are selected and train 2 sessions a week and play on weekends with their local club.

Both our SAP and SDS follow the same curriculum set by FNSW and our Youth TD. Both squads are trained and watched by the same group of coaches and throughout the season players in our SDS will be assessed and given opportunies to train with our SAP squads based on their performance. Given the opportunity we also try and arrange gamedays between our SAP and SDS squads.

Football Pathway - At the Sharks we have a very clear football pathway and try and ensure we have acadmeies and skill groups for all ages and players at all levels. The aim of all of these groups is firstly for the players to enjoy their football and give them the tools to go as far as they can in the sport.

The club strive to see players progress each year from their current squad up to the next so from attending Skills Academy and then being selected into the SDS. Or from the SDS one year and then being selected into the SAP squads the following. We also have goal keeper specific training at the club for all budding goal keepers.

We look forward to seeing all players at our trials and seeing them all play some great football.


Good Luck

2020 Trials