EPL Fantasy League 2019/20

EPL Fantasy League 2018/19


EPL Fantasy League 2018/19

The Sutherland Sharks Fantasy Cup is into its 6th year and the 2018/19 season looks like being bigger and better than last year. 

While the football is on the downward slope to the finals and then off season this gives those mad football fanatics a way to keep playing and sitting on the edge of your seat as every goal is scored and results to your fate are pending.

Every year the league has grown and been enjoyed by all, its your chance to win the covetted Sutherland Sharks Cup and beat our past Champions. 

Simply follow the link either by clicking on the image above or the SIGN Up button below and register your team. It takes some skill and know how on how to put together that winning team with the limited funds available.

We will update the wesbite with regular round ups of how everyone is travelling in the league and who has been standing out and those that...... have not.

Join now and get into it.......... C"MON YOU _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ????

Previous Champions -

2012/13 - Mark Stavroulakis
2013/14 - Deren O'Brien
2014/15 - Deren O'Brien
2015/16 - Michael Varis
2016/17 - Claudio Fabiano
2017/18 - Johnathan Lee

League Name - Sharks FC Cup

League Code - 1586788-358860




1) You may only have 1 entry in this competition. Any entry with mulitple teams will be removed after Round 10.

2) In the event that there is a draw for first place the team that was top of table before the draw took place will win first place.