2019 Youth Coaching Appointments

Sutherland Sharks have appointed the coaches for the 2019 NPL youth season with the FNSW competitions structure

2019 Youth Coaching Appointments

2019 Youth Coaching Appointments

At the Sutherland Sharks we have a clear and transparent process in which our coaching staff go through and also on how they are selected each season. The club take this process very seriously and each year look to bolster their ranks and improve each season. With the upcoming changes to the youth competition set out by FNSW in mind the club has looked to give the coaching staff appointed for 2019 time to review the current players and also look at how they can improve their squads.

The Sutherland Sharks each season sit down with their current coaching staff and review the season that was and the upcoming season. This is an opportunity for the club to speak with coaches and get feedback on players and the competition and also their aspirations for coaching again.

The Sutherland Sharks would like to thank those coaches in the 2018 season that have chosen not to coach again or move on for their time and commitment to the club.

The Sharks are happy to announce the appointments of the following coaches below for the 2019 season and look forward to meeting with them all soon to discuss the best way in which to have a strong and successful 2019. 

U18 - Coach Vince Milicevic  Assist - Alex Anagnostiadis

U16 - Coaches Chris Tsimiklis +  Daniel Zeleny

U15 - Coach Charlie Melino     Assist - Clint Harrod

U14 - Coach Steve Karavatakis   Assist - TBA

U13 - Coach Stefan Janic  Assist - Brian Carr