Sharks Futsal Downed by FNSW but not OUT!


Sharks Futsal

The Sutherland Sharks Futsal spent the last few weeks going through FNSW submission requirements and ensuring that we did what was required to be considered based on what FNSW deemed as being needed to stay in the league.

Unfortunately the Sutherland Sharks and Sutherland Shire were deemed not succesful in the submission which saw several other clubs get the positions. While we cant say why we missed out looking at some of the teams that have been included and even after asking all thel ines still seem very blurry.

The purpose of the changes were to ensure that clubs that were struggling to fill teams and get enough registrations or had unsatisfactory venues or not having the correct coaching structure in place would be eliminated allowing those that followed all the guidelines would continue on. The Sutherland Shire is a massive player base and other than our Mens side all of our teams were full and we never had issues with numbers. The venue we use Menai Centre i believe was one of the best in the competition and the structure of the club only being 2 years old was growing in strength each year with a new TD in place and coaches all returning for next year. 

With the Sutherland Shire being such a massive area and full of players it will now no longer have a club within the FNSW competition BUT dont panic the Sharks will not let all the hard work by players and parents go under without doing what we can to keep the game alive.

The Sutherland Sharks and all other clubs from the now gone state league have been approached by the NSW Futsal Association which is a massive competition base of over 2500 players.  We have been asked if the Sharks would be interested in playing in a new official NSW representative state league. So far 6 of the existing clubs have all expressed interest and we are now planning a club meeting to go over the competition format and how we can make it a success.


We are asking all existing players and parents along with any new players that would be interested in continuing with the club and to show expression of interest in playing so that we can get moving on planning trials and games as per normal.

Click on the Register interest button and let us know that you are returning to the Sharks Futsal for this season or are interested in trialling.

The benefit now is that with the new league it will be run by a official board of members from each of the clubs playing and designed to benefit players and clubs in the competition with no thrid party interference.

We look forward to seeing the club colors continue on and look forward to seeing all of our exisiting players return to build on the successful year we had last year in a new and improved represenattive league.