2018 Sharks NPYL Selections

2018 Sharks NPYL Selections

2018 Sharks NPYL Selections


The Sharks would like to thank all the players and parents for attending the weekends trials for our 2018 NPYL squads. There were alot of talented players on the park and it made the process tough for the coaches.

Below are the successful players who have been selected for our 2018 squads. Congratulations to the boys who have been chosen and good luck to those trialing elsewhere.

Selected players will be contacted by their realtive coaches in the next few days to arrange team meetings and also to let you know of the registration and fitting schedule.

Sharks U13

Christian Radman
Jayden Gasking
Harry Hindle
Liam Rippon
Jono Vakuata
Gian Zinnato
Riley Hollingdale
Ben Nani
Max Robinson
Jordan McAllister
Riley Fowler
Josh Costa
Oliver Gravenor
Ben Phelps
Luka Oliveira
Riley Webb

Sharks U14

Ryan James
Beau Ward
Lachlan Macdonald
Byron Kay
Jeremy Netto
Kynan Moffit
Sean Woods
Brohden Souris
Paul Kalamvokis
Julian Lorusso
Jordan Lorusso
Sebastian Rego
Alexander Lukacs
Jesse Photi
Arthur Kyriakides
Dylan Petticout

Sharks U15

Zac Smith
Aiden Jin
Payce Anderson
Taylan Skurtevski
Josh Field
Senna Stevenson
Luke Dearsley
Adam Castle
Paul Araullo
Oscar Lopez
Jordan Kizi
Alexander Casella
Rocco Mellino
Jarvis Paterson
Nelson Lam
Nathan Paull

Sharks U16

jordan Paull
Jordan Wang
Filip Trifunovski
Karell Buitendijk
Anthony Mann
Michael Lo Russo
Dion Ikonomopolous
Lachlan Zdebski
Marcus Navarro
Kobi Sharp
Niko Kalamvokis
Petar Medakovic
Sam Bova
Joel Hollingdale
Mitch Heapy
Lachlan Dick